TLT FOOD - Westwood
(310) 443-4433
OFFERING DELIVERY SERVICE: 11am-3pm & 5pm-10pm
(3 mile radius - $5 fee, $20 Minimum)
**Orders farther than 3 miles or over $150 may incur additional fees**

To know TLT Food you need to know our past.

We come from the streets… literally.

The brand was built on a passion for the industry. When we started our food truck we used all ...
Accepted Online Payments
Sorry, Online Ordering is unavailable at this time due to restaurant hours and available ordering times.
Please allow 60 minutes for Delivery & 15 minutes for Pick Up services.

We will make PICK UP orders as they come in, to be ready in 15 minutes from the time it is ordered, unless noted otherwise. For added clarification, please tell us your estimated pick up time in the NOTES section below.

Thank you!
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